The maze of vents and ducts in your heating/cooling system that are designed to make your home more comfortable, may, in fact, be making you uncomfortable or even sick. If your home is more than one year old, contaminants may be clinging to every inch of your duct system. And you’re breathing all of it.

Our professionals have combined the proven techniques of Fresh Air with the Rotobrush Duct Cleaning System to rid your home of these contaminants. Our advanced methods thoroughly scrubs and vacuums your ducts without harsh chemicals such as sealers. You will be left with fresh, clean, virtually irritant-free air in your home or office.

High Efficiency Air Filtration

There are many filter options available to homeowners. Ace Mechanical can provide custom-size filters and popular sizes are in stock ready for installation by our technicians.

Anti-Microbial Fogging

Another valuable service that Ace Mechanical offers after the HVAC system has been cleaned is anti-microbial fogging. The name of this service is impressive, but the service itself is quite simple. A small chemical fogger is used to introduce chemicals into the ductwork system, chemicals that sanitize germs, bacteria and fungus. EPA-registered chemicals specifically for use in ductwork systems are available that do not require the evacuation of family members and pets from the occupied space while the chemical is being used. For fogging the central fan should be turned on, and fog should be introduced through the return duct, with the HVAC system's fan helping to distribute the chemical throughout the system. Fogging can be repeated every 6 months, while system cleaning is required every couple of years. Anti microbial fogging is a service that provides real benefits to the homeowner.

Ultraviolet Lights

Ace Mechanical also offers its customers ongoing surface and air treatment using ultraviolet lights. UV treatment of coils and/or drain pans is gaining popularity. Ever hear of "dirty socks" syndrome? This is often caused by damp coils or drain pans, which harbor the growth of bacteria and often are the cause of the smell. UV lights kill the bacteria and can "cure" the dirty sock syndrome. This IAQ product and service requires care and expertise, ask us how we can help with an ultraviolet light system.

Video Inspection A Must

Ace Mechanical uses a video inspection system for the ducts. There are three reasons:

  • Video inspection verifies that the system needs to be cleaned. Of course, we don't recommend system cleaning to customers when it is not necessary but the video technology may show the service is needed when the homeowner may not even realize the problem exists.
  • The inspection equipment assists our technicians in proper system cleaning. Much of the HVAC system is inaccessible, meaning it cannot be hand vacuumed, so air duct cleaning tools are needed to get to it. Video is necessary to make sure we are properly cleaning the system. The first requirement per the NADCA standards is "visibly clean". If this is not accomplished, the system will not meet the more stringent quantitative cleanliness verification tests.
  • The video inspection equipment helps us confirm to ourselves and to you that the HVAC system was properly cleaned.

Rotovision® compact digital video inspection system with six LED headlights, color picture, and waterproof digital camera. We can attach this camera to the Rotobrush and view the duct cleaning process in action.

The patented Rotobrush system uses remote control steering, built-in vacuum, and various sizes of rotating brushes to snake its way through your duct system, leaving it cleaner than you thought possible

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